About Gene Spadaro

Gene Spadaro Juvenile Center (GSJC) is located in Fayette County West Virginia. It serves primarily the southern portion of the state for detention youth. (GSJC) is a hardware secure facility for youth that are charged or found guilty of a misdemeanor or felony crime. It has a capacity of 23 beds and is a temporary holding facility for boys from the ages of 10 to 21 and girls from ages 12 to 21. Each resident is unique as in whether they are released to home, a short or long term program with an outside agency or commitment within the Division.

The facility offers education for a diverse amount of students with different grade levels and educational needs. The ability of grade transfers to achieving a Diploma or GED is possible while here at (GSJC). The education department has on hand a Principal that oversees education program, two full time teachers and an Education Counselor to help develop goals and define each resident’s educational needs.

(GSJC) provides meals following the federal child nutrition guidelines. Religious services are offered. Regular communication by phone and mail are afforded the residents. Family scheduled visits and a communication line between resident family and treatment staff to encourage family participation upon release.

(GSJC) offers opportunities for speakers to talk with youth; community leaders, religious speakers, substance abuse recovery testimonies, health and hygiene, sex education, Law Enforcement and athletes. Activities are planned through the year for youth so as not to feel institutionalized Christmas party with family participation, Thanksgiving meal, Halloween painting, Easter painting projects and summer cookout, and staff/resident participation games while school is out. All residents participate if their behavior is acceptable. Residents work on a phase level for behavior that determines their incentives and restrictions while here.