About Cabell County

The Cabell County Center is located within the county alternative school.  Staff work closely with the Education staff to assist in crisis situations by offering individual counseling and intervention. Masters Level Therapist provides intensive individual therapy to the youth at the center. Cabell County has a specialized program called Produce Peddlers.  This allows youth to learn the skills of gardening through hands on development of a community garden.  This program is six weeks in length and is offered one time per week.  This is made possible by a grant from West Virginia State University extension services. 

Supportive Groups provided:
Decision Making
Life Skills
Substance Abuse Education
Substance Use Disorder Education
Anger Management
Batterer’s Violence Program
Cognitive and Life Skills Training
Parenting and Family Reintegration
Community Service 
Budgeting and Money Management
Job Readiness and Job Search / Referral Services
Smoking Cessation is provided through the NOT (Not- On-Tobacco) curriculum