Intensive Outpatient Alternative Learning Program

Berkeley County’s new Youth Report Center (STARS) and intensive Outpatient Alternative Learning Program is the end product of a year-long collaboration between the Board of Child Care, the WV Department of Education’s Office of Diversion and Transition Program (formerly OIEP), the WV Division of Juvenile Services and Berkeley County Schools.  This project began as an idea to address a service gap in our community.  During the course of the year all four partners works closely together and consistently placed the needs of children in the center of the table and focused on what is in their best interest.  After numerous meetings and strategizing sessions, the program was developed, the MOUs were agreed upon and we are enthusiastically kicking off the program today which is the first of its kind in WV.

Youth Reporting Center youth who are referred through the juvenile service system as an alternative sentence to incarceration.  Youth will attend full days of school, 5 days per week and intensive therapy services, provided by master’s level clinicians, will be woven into their school day.  Family therapy can also be provided at a location convenient for them.  Transportation to the program will be provided by the STARS program.  Probation officers can refer to this program and youth will be ordered into the program by a judge.  Referrals can be made directly to the Board of Care Admissions Office or to the STARS program. All referrals will be reviewed promptly by the Admissions Review Team which is comprised of a representative from STARS and one from BCC and one from the BCC School.  Requests to specific programs will be reviewed following the same process and will be honored whenever possible.