About Community Based Services

The Division of Juvenile Services Youth Reporting Centers (YRC) are established to provide positive alternatives to detention, make available a wide variety of skill based mental, physical, and social instruction, provide effective case management, expose at risk youth to instruction and reinforcement for proactive, acceptable social behaviors and protection of the community and the youth. Youth Reporting Centers will be a safe place where select youth will report while on probation or as part of a commitment and where the youth receives an increased intensity of services. The youth will continue to receive educational services, vocational training, treatment, and other service deliveries while remaining in his or her community.

Community-based programs are cost-effective solutions for a large number of delinquent youth. These alternatives to secure detention/placement are intended to: reduce crowding, cut the costs of operating juvenile detention centers, shield offenders from the stigma of institutionalization, help offenders avoid associating with youth who have more serious delinquent histories, and maintain positive ties between the juvenile and his or her family and community.