About Investigations

​The Division of Juvenile Services Investigative Unit is staffed by a Chief Investigator who reports directly to the Division Director. The Investigative Unit also consists of investigators. This unit investigates all allegations of criminal and administrative misconduct occurring within DJS facilities and programs. The investigations deal with a wide range of violations and inquiries, from background investigations, staff and resident violations of DJS policy, to escapes and sexual misconduct. The Investigative Unit also performs quality control audits of all DJS facilities to ensure that policies, state and federal regulations are adhered to. The Investigative Unit conducted seventy-one investigations in the last fiscal year. The DJS Investigative Unit works closely with the West Virginia State Police and other law enforcement agencies if any state or federal laws have been violated. The Investigative Unit also works with DHHR’s Internal Investigations Unit (IIU) in cases regarding residents who are under the age of 18.