About Programs and Treatment

The Programs and Treatment Department is responsible for coordination and oversight of mental health and medical services, program development and training of DJS staff on issues of counseling, assessment, suicide prevention, mental health issues, adolescent development as well as any therapeutic issue which becomes prevalent as youth enter our programs. 

Families are an important piece of the youth’s recovery from the juvenile justice system. We provide opportunities for youth to have continued contact with family members through visitation, furloughs, multi-disciplinary team meetings and family therapy. Each level of the DJS continuum of care is specialized and designed to meet the individual needs of the youth in our care.   Youth enter into DJS with different levels of treatment needs, family support and life experiences. Youth are placed in the least restrictive environment to provide opportunities for change and development of pro-social attitudes and skills.

The Mission of the Programs and Treatment Department is to appropriately meet the needs of every youth placed in the custody of the Division of Juvenile Services. This is accomplished by utilizing a battery of reliable and validated assessment tools which gives us an accurate picture of his/her needs and risk factors. Once the assessment is conducted, we match each resident with the program designed to meet that individualized need. As the youth progresses through the continuum of care within DJS or within the juvenile justice system, their individualized plan follows them with goal/objective updates at least every 90 days.