About the Training Department

Division of Juvenile Services Training Department serves to coordinate and oversee all the training needs of the Division of Juvenile Services employees.  Most training events are conducted at the DJS Staff Development Center located at Cedar Lakes in Ripley, WV.   The training department coordinates specialized training and normally assists with scheduling between 20-35 trainings and meetings per year in several different areas. Staff training consists of Staff Personal Development such as leadership classes and T4T (training for trainers) as well as job specific trainings and meetings.  Several hundred employees attend these trainings, yearly. 

We also conduct Basic Academy Training for Correctional Officers and Correctional Treatment Staff.  The Basic Training Academy is a comprehensive five week training program. There are typically five Basic Academies held every year with approximately 15-16 employees per class. In addition to these trainings, we coordinate with the trainers in the field to assist with in-service trainings.  The Training Department is an integral part in determining the evolution of training for the Division.