Department of Education

The State Department of Education and State Board of Education have assumed an important role in protecting the constitutional rights of institutionalized persons by providing programs and services that help change their lives.  Moreover, the results of studies and data collected by the Department indicate that education in institutions has reduced recidivism and is cost effective. We prepare juveniles for successful transition to school and employment and to life in their communities as responsible and productive citizens.

We do this by:

•offering innovative, research-based educational opportunities, best practices and approaches
•teaching the content, skills and attitudes for success in school, community and the workplace
•providing the appropriate academic, social and vocational skills development and transitional services
•collaborating with others vested in achieving the same outcomes
•employing and encouraging dedicated, quality staff throughout the organization
•acting as a role model and mentor for students to learn positive attitudes and behaviors and high standards of ethical and moral conduct
•being accountable and fostering performance improvement
•reducing recidivism through education
•advocating the value of each individual's re-entry into the community
•promoting successful reintegration into school, community and the workplace
•encouraging participation in educational opportunities
•supporting all aspects of classroom operations to ensure a quality environment for teaching and learning