PREA Prison Rape Elimination Act

PREA HOTLINE 1-855-366-0015
The WV Division of Juvenile Services has zero tolerance for sexual abuse and sexual assault  
and is committed to preventing, detecting, and responding to such misconduct
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Tim Harper, the Division’s Prison Rape Elimination Act Coordinator, is a 1996 graduate of Herbert Hoover High School and a four year veteran of the United States Air Force. Mr. Harper joined DJS in 2002 as a Correctional Officer I, initially hired as one of the first nine Correctional Officers for the Donald R. Kuhn Juvenile Center. Mr. Harper was also assigned to the West Virginia Industrial Home for Youth and the James H. Tiger Morton Juvenile Center.  After completing the WV Division of Juvenile Services Training Academy, Mr. Harper was tasked with coordinating statewide resident transportation for the Division.  In 2005, Mr. Harper was promoted to Investigator.  In 2011, Mr. Harper was selected as the Director of Investigations and held this position until the consolidation of the DMAPS investigators in August 2017.  Mr. Harper has also served as the EEO Coordinator for the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety from 2007 to present. Mr. Harper has been involved with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) since the Standards were first released and was instrumental in developing the Division’s policies and practices. Mr. Harper was responsible for implementing the PREA Standards and ensuring the Division’s continual compliance with the Standards. Email:

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Kellan Rader Cordie, PREA Compliance Manager graduated from Dunbar High School in 1980, her parents were the Director and Assistant Director of the Kanawha Home for Children which was a county operated juvenile detention facility. The second floor of the facility was a residence where Kellan lived with her parents as a child.   Kellan attended Marshall University, West Virginia State College and Glenville State College. She began her career working at Kanawha Home for Children in February of 1989, and in March of 2000 began working as a Field Training Officer at the facility. By the time she left the facility had been rebuilt and named the “James H. ‘Tiger ‘Morton Juvenile Center” operated by the Division of Juvenile Services. In June 2013, she pursued a full time position of Correctional Trainer for the WVDJS Correctional Academy in Glenville WV. In June 2014, she began working as a DJS PREA Compliance Manager in the central office of the Division of Juvenile Services. Email: