Regional Directors

In an effort to streamline the supervision and provide guidance to the eight detention centers, the Division of Juvenile Services has taken the route of regionalized Detention Centers. This was accomplished by splitting the State into a Western Region and an Eastern Region.

Western Region

Goddard 2.jpg
Jim Goddard is the Western Region Director, which consists of the Ronald Mulholland Juvenile Center, Lorrie Yeager Juvenile Center, Tiger Morton Juvenile Center and Robert Shell Juvenile Diagnostic and Intake Center.

He continues to be the Policy Committee Chair and is responsible for the continuing revision of the Division’s policies. This has been done in a variety of ways, most recently with input from all facilities in the Agency by rotating facility directors to serve on the policy committee. ACA Standards and revisions, PREA mandates, Performance-based Standards (PbS), and current National trends in Juvenile Justice as well as agency goals, have been foremost in our thinking as policy directives are developed.  Policies have been changed and revised to correct deficiencies in existing policies and to provide clarification in key areas.

Responsibility for the new regional hearing officers also falls under Mr. Goddard. This has been a positive change that the Division has made to have regional hearing officers who work for Central Office rather than having one in each facility.  This move was made to make the hearings timely, fair for residents, reduce errors in the disciplinary process and to ensure adherence to DJS policy.   

Another area of responsibility is our state wide mobile maintenance crew. They have completed several jobs across the state. From pouring concrete sidewalks to installing camera systems, this maintenance crew has saved the Division money in the area of specialized maintenance. We hope to continue to use this crew in the future for several projects that are currently in the planning stages.

Eastern Region

tacy Rauer is Eastern Region Director, which consists of Vicki Douglas Juvenile Center, JM Chick Buckbee Juvenile Center, Gene Spadaro Juvenile Center and Sam Perdue Juvenile Center. She is a permanent member of the policy committee and brings her perspective and experience to help balance the policies. She is responsible for the Divisions Quality Assurance Program. This includes developing audits and oversee the process to ensure compliance with Division, State, and Federal standards. Ms. Rauer is also developing the quality assurance program to better use data to make improvements within the operations of the facilities and treatment of the residents.

She is the liaison for the Technical Assistance grant for Reducing the Use of Isolation of residents within the Division. Only six states were chosen to participate in this training and technical assistance program with WV DJS being one of them. This has allowed the division to partner with other states in order to gather information on a variety of treatment options for the more difficult youth that we may have in our custody. From participating in this program, the division has developed an action plan to reduce isolation of residents and currently implementing this plan.

Ms. Rauer is the Divisions Movement Coordinator overseeing all resident movements within the division. This is to better place residents keeping safety and security in mind for all residents within the division.