What is Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is defined as “Any contact between the sex organ of one person and the sex organ, mouth or anus of another person or intrusion of any part of the body of the person, or of any object into the sex organ, mouth or anus of another person, by use of force.”  The offender uses sex as a weapon to assault the body, the mind psyche and spirit.
Sexual assault affects everyone, either directly or through the experiences of those we care about.  It can affect any male or female of any age, race, ethnic group, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation or disability. No resident or staff member ever has the right to ask you for a sexual favor or to have sex with you.  Even consensual sex is illegal in our facilities.

What to do if you are assaulted

Although an attacker may threaten to harm you, REPORT THE ATTACK TO A STAFF MEMBER IMMEDIATELY!  The longer you wait to report the attack, the more power you give to the perpetrator. If you wait it will be more difficult to obtain the evidence necessary for an investigation.Request to see the nurse for immediate medical attention.  You may have serious injuries that you are not aware of, and any sexual contact can expose you to sexually transmitted diseases. Do not shower, brush your teeth, use the restroom or change your clothes.  You may destroy important evidence. If you have been assaulted or witness an assault, but you are unwilling to report it to DJS staff, you may
fill out a grievance form write a note request to see the nurse or counselor you may use the Confidential PREA box that is only accessed by Central Office staff (checked every 14 days) see your Counselor to call the DJS Hotline @ 1-800-368-2780 ext. 2020


How to avoid rape

The only way rape can be prevented is when a potential rapist chooses NOT to rape.  However, you may avoid an attack by keeping the following safety guidelines in mind:

Be aware of situations that make you feel uncomfortable.  Trust your instincts.  If it feels wrong, TELL A STAFF MEMBER THAT YOU TRUST. Don’t be afraid to say “NO” or “STOP IT NOW.” Walk and stand with confidence. Many rapists choose victims who look like they won’t fight back or are emotionally weak. Avoid talking about sex or being partially dressed.  These things may be considered a come on, or make another resident believe that you have an interest in a sexual relationship. Do not accept items or gifts from other residents.  Placing yourself in debt to another resident can lead to the expectation of repaying the debt with sexual favors. Avoid secluded areas.  Position yourself in plain view of staff members.  If you are being pressured for sex, report it to a staff person immediately.

If you sexually assault another youth you should know…

You will be issued disciplinary action and an investigation will take place.  The State Police will be notified.  You will face consequences from WV Division of Juvenile Services and you may face additional criminal charges.  If you are found guilty, your time may be increased, you may face transfer to a more secure facility, and you could face life long reporting requirements after release.  You may also face adult prison time.

Consider that unprotected sex increases your risk of HIV infection, along with exposing you to other sexually transmitted diseases.

If you have trouble controlling your actions, ask for help from your PREA Counselor, Treatment Staff or anyone you’re comfortable with. Stay busy with positive activities like school, community service, letter writing or physical exercise.