About Sam Perdue

Security is always a top priority at the Sam Perdue Juvenile Center and throughout the entire division, as our first obligation to our surrounding communities is to ensure public safety. There is a duty to the public to keep them safe and offer protection from the residential population in our custody and our staff endures a rigorous training schedule to carry out that duty and ensure public safety to the best of our ability. Our other primary goal is to provide care and services to the juveniles in our custody. Every day we face new challenges in meeting the needs of the residents that we serve. We are continually evaluating procedures and making amendments to better the operations of the facility and to meet those needs. Every year we set our standards higher not only in providing the best care for our residents but also in what we expect from our employees. The team of professionals at the Sam Perdue Juvenile Center continues to stand behind the philosophy and mission of the Division of Juvenile Services. Those employees serve in various departments, but each member and department is vital to the overall mission. Those departments within the facility include: Food Services, Maintenance, Laundry, Custodial, Accounting, Clerical, Education, Vocational, Medical, Security, Treatment, and Management. 

The Division of Juvenile Services reorganized to better serve the communities in our great state and to give the facility the best chance to help reduce recidivism. Sam Perdue Juvenile Center was transitioned from detention into a commitment facility for juvenile sex offenders on September 26, 2013 and The GATEWAY program was born.  There has been a great deal of success since that time for our residents completing the curriculum and transitioning back into society. Division of Juvenile Services Director, Ms. Bond, and her team excelled during a crucial transitioning period with a major shift in juvenile justice across the country by providing training opportunities and putting guidelines in place to help establish a successful foundation for our youth. Gary Patton currently serves as the facility director for Sam Perdue Juvenile Center and possesses a great number of years and experience with working with juveniles. Mr. Patton also has a good understanding of behavior modification and helped create, provide, and seek approval of more incentives for our population in order to promote improved behaviors.  His support has added to the overall success of residents in our program to include more acceptable and compliant behavior once they leave custody.