Donald R. Kuhn Juvenile Center (Boone County)

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Brian Semenie joined the Division of Juvenile Services in February of 2016 as the Superintendent of the Donald R. Kuhn Center in Julian, WV.  Prior to joining the division, Mr. Semenie worked for the Children’s Home Society as the Supervisor of the Davis Child Shelter where he helped strengthen and develop emergency shelter program initiatives and worked diligently at training staff, (specifically focusing on “eyes on supervision” strategies).  Mr. Semenie is extremely passionate about maintaining safety, as well as helping the communities here in West Virginia. 

Donald R. Kuhn Juvenile Diagnostic and Detention Center
Brian Semenie, Superintendent
One Lory Place
Julian, WV 25529
(304) 369-2976
(304) 369-2991 Fax
Detention and Male Rehabilitation
(Boone County)