Ronald Mulholland Programs and Treatment

Treatment services are available for both the short term (pre-adjudication) and long term
(commitment) residents.

Treatment services for the pre-adjudication residents focuses on stabilizing their behaviors to better prepare them for a move to a lesser restrictive alternative (home, residential placement, etc.). The youth are assessed and a treatment plan is developed that focuses primarily on rule compliance, school attendance and participation in all services offered while at Ronald C. Mulholland Juvenile Center. These residents are offered group counseling daily as well as supportive individual counseling by the Case Manager or Counselors on a daily basis. These residents are also provided individual therapy should that need be identified on their assessments. Residents also receive basic living skills training on areas that can benefit them in the future. Residents over fourteen (14) years of age receive Casey Life Skills as well. Behavioral Management Plans and/or Contracts are completed for those youth who have a more difficult time in adjusting their behaviors.

For those residents who have been committed (those ordered to complete a program or serve a sentence) a more individualized treatment plan is developed. In addition to the assessments that are completed for the short term residents, a thorough intake process is completed through
which the primary areas of concern are identified and addressed. The primary focus of
treatment are the identified problem areas with the goal that these residents will overcome those problems and successfully return to the community. Along with the services listed above, all committed residents are offered individual therapy at least weekly. More sessions could be offered should the need arise.

Resident Groups

All residents participate in groups a minimum of twice per day. The following are examples  of groups offered at Ronald C. Mulholland Juvenile Center.

Substance Abuse Group (a Christian based addition recover program)
Thinking for a Change (an intensive 16 week Cognitive-Behavioral program)
 Anger Management
Peer Relations
Rule Review Therapeutic Relaxation Therapeutic Recreation Meditation
Social Skills
Spiritual Awareness
Art Therapy
Guitar Lessons
Large Muscle Exercise
PREA education/training